Imperfect embodiment

Image from Pixabay

It’s been a while. And the Gifts of Imperfection (guide to a wholehearted life) has been in a box for the last few weeks, but in the meantime, another book arrived – The Wisdom of Your Body – which I’m excited to explore at the same time. I think there will be some excellent cross-pollination from these two approaches, both of which are highlighting important ways of living into a new way of being present to life.

In the preface to The Wisdom of Your Body, Hillary says: “Some of what you read on these pages might feel familiar in a bodily way, as if I am putting words to things you already know. Or it might seem disorienting or incongruent with ideas you have held ….As you read, I invite you to be curious, to see every reaction as a doorway to knowing yourself better. Know that your body will be communicating, sending messages, like a quickened heartbeat, a jolt of tension, a long exhale. Please listen – these sensations are initiating a conversation with your thinking brain.”

Wait...I have to think about that....OK....

“Allow yourself to be curious about what that communication might mean for you or what it tells you about your past. This thoughtful engagement with bodily sensation is a form or integration essential for wholeness and healing”.

So. I hope you are listening with body, mind and heart as we break down the gifts of imperfection and see what that feels like when we live into these as our own embodied truth.

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