doing the work

The latest reflection piece from Nadia Bolz Weber included the video below. We watched it last night and afterwards we talked some about our reactions and observations. This morning we were still talking about it, and so I reckon it would be very enriching to broaden that conversation and explore together where we might want to try doing The Work.

I was first introduced to The Work by Byron Katie about ten years ago, and although I did find it helpful, I don’t think I really understood how the process is meant to go until I watched the youtube clip. It is so beautiful to watch the transformation of this man as he answers the four questions and is guided through the turn around of his thinking.

You’ll need to find 40 minutes to watch this video and it might help to have a go at one of her worksheets, which you can find here.

When we gather tomorrow, we’ll share reflections and take some time to consider our responses to the process and where we might be ready to apply those turn around alternatives.

Looking forward to being together!

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