meditations for the heart

So, life has been on hold for us in Auckland as we race to get vaccinated and live in our separate bubbles to stay safe from the Delta variant of covid. And the BB bookclub is on hold too, because there are some good conversations to be had over this material and I’d rather wait until we can be together for that…and so would you, which is very affirming – thank you.

Meanwhile, I have been exploring two books – Intimacy and Solitude and the companion self-therapy book, both by homegrown kiwi Dr. Stephanie Dowrick. I’ve recorded two of the meditations from her book, both of which she has borrowed and adapted from others.

This is a 20 minute guided meditation which will take you to the Temple of Silence, where Wisdom waits to meet you with loving acceptance.

Wise Being meditation

And this is a ten minute meditation which allows for an image to emerge from the centre of your being – something that wants to come to light in your life for right now.

Living with the Rose
Photo by Floraf on Unsplash

Just a note here – Stephanie offers this reassurance if the image which emerges for you is startling or even distressing, this does not mean you have done the meditation wrong or that your inner life is a shambles. The images from meditation may take some time to understand, and are most easily understood in the context of what is happening in your everyday life (not what you have hidden in the skeleton closet).

Sometimes drawing associations with the image or writing words associated with the image can help you receive its message. You can remind yourself that the image has emerged from within you, and so can its meaning…with patience, curiosity and openness the connections will arise.

Level 2 is coming…looking forward to drinking wine – and meaningful conversation – with you all again soon!

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