Coming soon…

Holy play!

In the meantime…. a resting poem to lead you into play.

Come and let yourself rest.
Rest, and as you let this be,
you awaken to grace - to the ease of it.
See how she slips into these open arms
with the deft touch of a lover
who knows you body and soul.
Who knew to wait until now,
for the softening of your fear fuelled
to venture this kiss;
and with this melting whispered secret
she sets free your longing
and pulls all the other prisoners of dread and shame
laughing into light and wholeness.
Grace meeting grace;
Love is all in all.

As you journey towards Christmas, may the season of Advent be:

A season of anticipation, of expectation and excitement.
May it be a new adventure
beckoning you towards a future
more wonderful,
more startling,
more disconcerting
that you can conceive of.
For this is a season of waiting s new life stirs,
as new movements are discerned
and as new understanding stretches your safe faith beyond itself -
into the mystery of God
born again here,
among us,
within your own heart and life.
So may you enter into the season of Advent
yielding with the humility of Mary,
faithful as Joseph,
hopeful as Elizabeth,
surprised as Zechariah
and listening always
for the song of peace and joy
that the universe is dancing to.

Grace and peace


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