cropped-startwhere-u-r-750x500.jpgHello. Welcome!

This is where I’ll be posting resources and reflection prompts for the Advent pilot of the unusual book club.

Over the course of four weeks, beginning in mid November, we’ll be playfully exploring the first steps together toward a way of deepening engagement with the soul in life and faith.

Since this is a life long journey I must always start from where I am, wherever that is, and I am helped in this if I can keep the beginner’s mind, an attitude of curiosity and openness to a new insight even from very familiar territory.

I find that as soon as I start thinking I already know, have already travelled this part of the path, or that these first steps have nothing new to teach me then I have moved into judgement and lost wonder, and I can’t hear or see the new thing that is waiting to delight, restore, guide or grow me.

So as we travel together, my hope is that curiosity and wonder will be our first and faithful companions, and that they will lead us to the possibility of finding a new treasure revealed in ordinary and familiar things.

Grace and peace


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